Welcome to the Enough is Enough March for Justice for "Victims of Financial Misconduct" website!


Wednesday 17th April, 2024


2pm - 5pm BST


Starting at Royal Courts of Justice, London 


Here’s the whole route:

  1. The Royal Courts of Justice; on The Strand at 2:15PM; then on to
  2. HM Treasury, at 1 Horse Guards Road; then on to
  3. HM Revenue and Customs at 100 Parliament Street; then on to
  4. 10 Downing Street; then on to
  5. New Scotland Yard, on Victoria Embankment; then on to
  6. Parliament at the Palace of Westminster (Cromwell Green end); ending at about 5:00PM

Join Us in Making a Difference

The “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH March for JUSTICE for Victims of Financial Misconduct” is a rallying call for individuals who are fed up with the scams, scandals, malpractice, malfeasance, misconduct, mis-selling, outright fraud, and financial crimes that have victimised them and their loved ones. It’s a platform for those who have been failed by the regulators and authorities entrusted to protect them.

What You Need To Know

Victims of financial misconduct are frustrated and angry. Many have been stripped of their livelihoods, businesses, life savings, pensions, financial security, and emotional well-being. They are uniting to form a powerful coalition, channeling their frustrations and indignation into peaceful protest.

These are our key demands

An Inquiry into Financial Misconduct in the UK: We demand a comprehensive investigation into the systemic failures that have allowed financial misconduct to thrive in the UK.

Fair Tax Treatment for Victims of Financial Misconduct: Victims should not be burdened with unfair tax treatment on top of their financial losses. We demand fair and compassionate tax policies to alleviate the financial burden on victims

Root & Branch Reform at the FCA: The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) must undergo significant reform to enhance regulatory oversight, enforcement, and accountability

Criminal Justice Reform: We demand reforms to the criminal justice system to ensure perpetrators of financial crimes are held accountable and justice is served for victims.

Support and Financial Restitution: We are advocating for robust support and financial restitution for victims of financial misconduct, including assistance in navigating the complexities of the system post-reporting. Join us in demanding comprehensive support for all victims victims.

Enough is Enough!

because one avoidable suicide is too many; and there have been hundreds

because the Financial Conduct Authority is not fit for purpose as it repeatedly lunges from one catastrophic regulatory failure to another, to another

because it’s time to demand a total rethink in the way financial crime is dealt with in the UK

because despite the financial sector being of enormous importance to the UK economy it has been allowed to become the most violating of all our industries by a long, long way, as proven by the fully verified data in Violation Tracker UK


because over 40% of crime in the UK is fraud, yet no more than 2% of police resources are dedicated towards tackling it

because the human cost and suffering caused by financial crime and the appallingly ineffective response by the authorities is completely unacceptable

because people have lost confidence in the Financial Conduct Authority – it needs to be robustly reformed, or if necessary abolished and replaced with a new organisation that is unconflicted, focusing on just the protection of consumers interests, rather like the USA’s Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

because as HMRC continues to impose unjust tax charges, burdening innocent taxpayers driving them to the brink of suicide and bankruptcy

because as the police consistently fail to hold perpetrators accountable for their actions. Victims of crime are left feeling betrayed by a justice system that allows perpetrators to act with impunity whilst victims are failed

because people are fed up with cover ups of serious and systemic wrongdoing

because just like Princess Anne said at the London Summit Governments and organisations have a duty to protect citizens from fraud

Get Involved

Join us in our fight for justice!

Whether you’re a victim of investment fraud, loan charge contractor victim, pension fraud victim, or any other form of financial misconduct, your voice matters. Here’s how you can participate:

Attend the March: Join us on Wednesday 17th April 2024 at 2pm at the Royal Courts of Justice to march in solidarity and demand accountability.

Volunteer: Help organise the march, raise awareness, and support victims.

Donate: Contribute to fund legal efforts and support services for victims.

Together, We Demand Change

The “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH March for JUSTICE for Victims of Financial Misconduct” is not just a protest; it’s a declaration of resilience, unity, and determination. Together, we demand support for victims, reform of regulations, fair tax treatment, thorough investigations, and financial restitution.

With the upcoming general election, we hold all political parties accountable to address these pressing issues. It’s our collective duty to challenge the status quo and demand positive, progressive, and purposeful reform—because enough is enough.